Motheaten Dress

The Motheaten Hierarchies


My last exhibition, 'Towards the Tipping Point: Global Swarming’, in collaboration with Rebecca Bruton, took place at ACEarts in Somerton from towards the end of 2020. For this, I created a new body of work called ‘Motheaten Hierarchies’ which examines how we place value judgements on both humans and wildlife.


The idea came to me when I shared a film of some Small Eggar Moths in May 2019. It was an extraordinary sight to watch these creatures work together, consuming a whole section of hedge line at Lytes Cary. I mean, it was extraordinary, exciting, and exhilarating. 

But I was disappointed by some of the vociferous reaction on social media to these tiny creatures.

That started me thinking about the human viewpoint, the value judgements we place on animals, our fellow humans,

property, objects - I called these Motheaten Hierarchies.

They are old, worn ideas and ideals from earlier times, times of colonialism, class structure and ignorance of ecology.

These ideas don’t fit with our understanding of ecology, the ecosystem, the merit of all creatures,

indeed the place for all creatures.