MA in Fine Art - Food For Worms

My MA project was concerned with soil’s crucial ability to lock in carbon, its role in tackling climate change.
I walk, I collect soil, I produce paper on my Perpetual Papermaking Machine.
The machine is the vehicle that brings me and the collected soil data together in a collaborative process.
Each component of the machine and paper forms a closed-loop system: wastepaper and card are soaked in water, paper pulp is created, sheets of Soiled Paper formed, water is drained, collected, filtered and reused, and finally the paper is fed to my worms who lock in the carbon. The cycle continues.
This work is the physical manifestation of my engagement with the climate crisis, my impotence embodied in paper, a partial answer to the question “What can I do?”.
The papermaking from waste has become my new practice but it I have barely begun, there's still so much work to do, conversations and collaborations adding the dialogue around climate change, ART IS part of the solution.