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The Interconnectedness of All Things

I am the Lead Artist and Curator of the ongoing collaborative creative project called

'FIFTY BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things’.

It was devised in 2017, as a collaborative, multi-disciplinary art project to raise awareness about the diversity and plight of British bees. 

In 2022, for the last ever FIFTY BEES exhibition, I created bees 201 to 250. These fifty new bees had another companion artist who researched its ecology & created a brand new artpiece.  Each bee, presented next to its companion artwork, tells a story, offers insights into our bee population, how endangered it is & how the pollinators & we are completely interlinked with the ecosystem.

To see the bees and their artworks, please click on the link to see the full gallery on Instagram.  You can read about how each artist has researched and created their work – I think you will find it truly inspirational. Huge thanks to Helen from Prompted by Nature for this lovely interview. Click on the link to listen. 

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